Adding fruit to beer has been part of the brewing process for the last couple of thousand years on a larger and smaller scale. In Scandinavia the first evidence that fruit was used comes at around the year 1371, when a bowl of beer found in Vejle, Denmark in the 19th century was analysed, and they found a beer-like bag where you could find traces of cowberries and cranberries. In recent years, fruit has again become very popular as an ingredient in brews, for both large and small breweries. As a brewer, you normally want to produce the best brew, based on good raw materials, preferably a careful selection to suit your wishes.

The ingredients can be selected based on one or more parameters:

  • Organic or conventional raw materials
  • Strong intense aroma or soft sour, sweet, round supporting notes
  • Larger or smaller content of fruit / berries / vegetables
  • Exciting, different, fun colour
  • Classic or exotic fruits / berries / vegetables
  • Juice NFC, pure, pure concentrate, pulp concentrate, juice
  • Clear or cloudy
  • Brix

We have a wide range of natural ingredients that consist of 100% fruit

Maybe you prefer to work with the more aromatic and less processed single strength juices and purees, where the water content is higher and can have a diluting effect on your brew.

Or are you more into puree, pulp, and juice concentrates where brix, concentration factor, taste, aroma, and acidity are standardized. The choice can be determined by several factors, such as when in the process the product is added, what type of production equipment is used, one can work with highly viscous fibres and pulp-containing products.

Most products are offered in aseptically packaged solutions that make it easy to store, handle and use in production, so you do not open more material than you need.


We help you along the way and use our many years of experience where we have made sure that brewers get exactly the specific taste notes that the addition of fruit can give.

Explore our range and then contact us via the website by chat, email, or phone. We will make sure that you get the help you need, both when it comes to inspiration for the process, application opportunities and the use of our raw materials.

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