Alcohol & Liqueur

Alcohol & Liqueur

In alcohol and liqueur production, starch and a raw material that contains sugar (sugar cane or fruit) are normally used to achieve fermentation and alcohol percentage. To achieve specific flavours, extracts, aromas, infusions, or different fruit products are often added, depending on which factors are important to the producer, it can be costs, a specific taste or to achieve a given colour for the product.

We have a wide selection of single strength fruit juices, purees and juice concentrates, aromas, extracts as well as our water-extracted infusions of various flowers and herbs. The possibilities are many, and it can be difficult to navigate between the different options.


You may be an entrepreneur who wants to start your own production, or you are a product developer at an existing manufacturer who will develop new products, or want to refresh old recipes to see if you can optimize the composition of ingredients.

Subject to which category you are in, we have more than three decades of experience with fruit and vegetables and can guide you, to reach your goals. We draw on knowledge from our long-term partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, so we both have a local understanding of our market, but also have insight into what is happening in the rest of the world.

Most products can be offered in aseptic packages that make it easier to store, handle and use in production, so you do not open more material than you need.

Explore our range and contact us via website, chat, email, or phone. We will make sure you get the help you need; both when it comes to inspiration for the process, application opportunities and the use of our raw materials.

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