Marmelade / Jam / jelly

Jams and marmelade

As a jam and marmalade manufacturer you want to produce the best possible product, within the parameters that you choose. If the product e.g., must be based on:

  • organic or conventional ingredients
  • high or low sugar content
  • larger or smaller fruit/ berry content
  • classic or exotic fruit/ berry varieties
  • raw materials in large or small volumes

The possibilities are many and sometimes it can be difficult to navigate between the directions you can choose. It could be that you are an entrepreneur who wants to start your own factory, or a product developer at an existing manufacturer who wants to develop new products or revisit old recipes, to investigate whether you can optimize the composition of raw materials.

No matter what category you are in, we have more than 3 decades of experience in the industry and can guide you so that you reach the goals you want.

We draw on knowledge from our long-term partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, so we both have the local understanding of our market, but also have insight into the trends that are moving in the rest of the world.

“In our range, some raw materials are specialized specifically for this industry. Our pulp concentrates and puree concentrates are made to be able to optimize the products in relation to be able to increase or maintain the fruit content of your product, and at the same time create a foundation for being competitive.

Puree and IQF in combination with pulp concentrate or puree concentrate ensures that you can achieve the structure you want for your product.

The pulp and puree concentrates are packed in aseptic solutions, which make them easy to store and use in production, as the size can be changed as needed, so you don`t have to open more material than you need.


Explore our large range and feel free to contact us on the website, by chat, email or phone. We will then make sure that you get the help you need – both when it comes to inspiration for the process, application options and the use of our raw materials.

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