Hard Seltzers

Hard Seltzers

As a brewer of Hard Seltzers, you are looking for natural fresh tasty fermentable juices and purees of too lime, lemon, ginger, rosehip, pear, mango or juice concentrates and infusions for the carbonated beverage. Products that add as few calories as possible, but at the same time contribute with a super good taste, aroma, and color in the natural way. Maybe the finished brew just needs to be spruced up a bit with a bit of extra fruit flavor.

The possibilities are many and it can be difficult to navigate between the many alternatives. You may be an entrepreneur who wants to start your own factory or a product developer at an existing manufacturer who needs to develop new products or revisit old recipes to investigate whether you can optimize the composition of raw materials.

Most products can be offered in aseptically packaged solutions, which make them easy to store, handle and use in production, so you do not open more material than you need.

Single strength juice of citrus fruits and other exotic fruits is typically only available in drums.


No matter what category you are in, we have more than 3 decades of experience with fruit and vegetables and can guide you so that you reach the goals you want. We draw on knowledge from our long-standing partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, so that we both have the local understanding of our market, but also have insight into the trends that are moving in the rest of the world. 

Explore our large range and then contact us on the website or by chat, e-mail, and phone. We will make sure you get the help you need; both when it comes to inspiration for the process, application options and for the use of our raw materials.

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