Plant Based Drinks

Plant Based Drinks

In the past, the spotlight has been on milk-based products such as drinks for breakfast, on the cereal or in coffee. But over the last ten years, there has been developed a large selection of plant drinks, which can be based on grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. If you have a desire to make a drink as an alternative to dairy products, then our vegetable products are obvious. In addition, they provide a different nutritional content that can be attractive to the consumer.

We see a rising demand for plant beverage products in the population as part of the more environmentally conscious and sustainable access to consumption. In this context, plant-based beverages have become more popular. It can be difficult to ensure a uniformity and high standard of raw materials if you start with whole vegetables, and therefore we notice increased demand for our standardized vegetable juices and concentrates etc. which is included in, for example, plant drinks.

Vi hjælper dig godt på vej

If you are a developer in a larger food company and develop plant-based beverage products and think it could be interesting to know more about our possibilities. Or are you in the process of developing your own brand and have come up to scale, where you may need help with some of your processes and are looking for good raw materials? Then contact us here on the website, via our chat, send an e-mail or catch us on the phone.

We will make sure you get the help you need – both when it comes to inspiration for the process, application opportunities and the use of our raw materials.

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