Many people think of wine as a grape-based drink, often from Southern Europe, Australia, or California, which is quite traditional. But over the last few decades, more and more producers have come to the Nordic countries, making both traditional wines and wines with a twist. From being mainly based on grapes, many now ferment on other fruits and use extracts and flowers in combination with fruit to achieve its very own fresh taste.

During this period, we have delivered fruit juices, concentrates, and extracts to customers all over the Nordic region, where we contribute everything from flavour and composition to the process and knowledge from our partners. We want to do everything we can for you to succeed with your wine products. Look at our websites that explain product variants and give an overview of the possibilities that exist.


We are also ready to help you by phone, e-mail, or our contact form via the website, so we can understand your situation and help you solve your challenges.

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