Just like a smoothie, the milkshake has existed as a beverage since the electric blender was invented in the 1930s. Many people associate milkshakes with the American diners of the 40s, 50s and 60s, but they exist in the best way to this day, especially in the younger segments. And they are still made where they are consumed, in restaurant and cafes.

If you want to penetrate a larger market, it can be good to get some help in the process. We service manufacturers of milkshakes and similar products so that they can achieve a better and more consistent result with the help of our fruit purees and other product variants. Uniformity and high quality are important to ensure that customers continue to buy your product again and again.

“With over 30 years in the industry, we have built up experience and a range that supports the many needs in the production of milkshakes on a larger scale.

Together with our partners, we ensure that we always have the latest flavors available to be able to give new life to your product. We encourage you to contact us, as a website can quickly appear a bit generic and pompous, without showing our true passion for what we work with.”

We have successfully helped many ambitious developers in different situations, regardless of whether you:

  • just started in the industry with a clear mission or working for a well-known brand
  • is looking for raw materials in large or small volumes
  • is in the development phase of a new or existing product
  • is a fan of the classic flavors or is for something new and different?
  • searches for organic of conventional ingredients


We want to do what we can for you to succeed with milkshakes and similar products that we are also familiar with. Examine our pages that explain product variants and give an overview of the possibilities that exist. We also recommend that you look through our product overview where there should be something tempting. We would also like to talk to you to make sure we understand your situation and can solve your specific challenges.

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