When working with pastries, there are several ways to stand out from the crowd. Yeasts, flour mixture, leavening time, baking time etc. Some developers also differ a bit from the traditional methods, looking at the possibility of adding fruit and vegetable ingredients in the form of fruit/ vegetable concentrate or powder. It is added to give flavor, to add nutrients or to give new colors to the pastry. Some even use it as a sweetener as an alternative to sugar.

Are you a developer at a manufacturer, or do you want to create your own brand that you think is lacking in the market, or maybe not available in the right quality? Then we are happy to help you deliver the fruit or vegetable ingredient that gives the result you want. Within powder, we have several different varieties, such as spray-dried or freeze-dried, which can each be used in their own way depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Depending on your composition, our fruit concentrates may be preferable as they add moisture to the mass. Concentrate is usually a cheaper alternative than powders and aromas and is 100% natural. 


Whichever road you prefer, we have both conventional and ecological alternatives. Contact us as we can certainly help you move forward towards your goal. We have over 30 years of insight into the application opportunities and challenges that may arise in the development process. We support your process with our service, knowledge, and good raw materials, so your customers remain loyal customers and recommend the products to others.

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